What Color Shoes Goes Well With Ivory Wedding Dress?

A wedding day is a special day in everyone’s life where you will turn upside down. Everyone wishes to look perfect on their special day for which you have to look for better combinations for color shoes with ivory wedding dress and acing the look on your wedding day.

We are here presenting you out with the shoe listing that can go well with the wedding dress and simply get the limelight by making you look more confident and flawless on your special day.

Top picks for ivory wedding dress!!!

wedding daySilver shoes: one of the most preferred options to pick for one to pair with the ivory dress is silver shoes. They can become a great combination by giving you a princess look, which you can accessorize with flowers. The silver color is good to go with almost every look, also the safest pick for everyone.

Nude color: if you don’t want to keep it all white but don’t want something else to steal attention from your wedding dress, then the nude color is the best option to go along. Nude colors are presented in a wide variety in which you can make a choice from.

Glitter on point shoes: if you like it all bling-bling, then glitter shoes are the decent choice for you. Glitter color not only complements the look but also make you feel more confident on your special day.

Wine colored shoes: those who like to be edgy and experimental even on their wedding day can choose to pair wedding dresses with colored shoes for breaking the old school boring look. Picking up for the wine-colored shoes is a great way to add color to your shoes in an elegant way that would end up leaving you looks flawless.

wine-colored shoes


Hence, these are some of the viable options for dresses colored ivory colored heels to be paired with. All of these colors are great to pick for those who are willing to look different and prettiest on their wedding day.


Let us conclude to the aspect that it is optimal and great to make a choice for wedding dresses. If you are looking for better options, then consider trying to be experimental with shoe color with your ivory wedding dress such as red wine color or nude heels. Pairing good colors with your wedding dresses with colored shoes can become your strong point for making yourself look like a beauty on the wedding day.

Author: Iraim Wendacian

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