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We’re a team of Event Planners based out of South Florida + North Carolina. We love all things creative and natural and are all about creating genuinely fun events. With our fresh perspective for event design, we can help make your uniquely individual vision a reality. Our team works very closely and partners with local artisanal vendors and venues to provide our clients with extraordinary service, utilize creative local talent, & support small business in our community. We are always seeking to work alongside lovers that are unique, down to earth and are not afraid to go against the wedding norm. Christy V & Co. is not your average wedding planning company, we push for style, fun and being your natural self on the biggest day of your life!




Hi there! I'm Christina, but you can call me Christy... I Launched Christy V & Co. in 2016 to bring genuine love and fun back to the wedding industry. My connection to design & event planning started at a very young age. Before I was a wedding planner, I was a lifelong imaginative and eccentric party host. Holidays, birthdays, and more all got the special treatment for my friends & family. No matter how big or small the celebration, I put as much time, attention, and detail into one event as the next.

Funny enough, I was not always a huge fan of weddings. After my fair share of rubber chicken dinners, cheesy electric slides, random folks parading around in costumes, and the occasional awkward garter toss being caught by the not-so-single guy, I felt like it was time to kick it up a notch. So when I started planning my own wedding in 2015, I knew that I wanted to take a different approach. I had to do something different and memorable to make it a unique experience. Now I seek & partner with other small business owners and planners whose focus is also to offer trendy, earthy, natural and unique services for their own clientele. 

I live in Miami, Florida, with my husband, Dan, and our spunky pups Bella and Brandy. I'm a bit of a foodie & love exploring the ever-expanding and diverse culinary offerings of the Magic city, Netflix binges (but don’t we all?!), reddit, traveling, cooking, diy home projects, spending time with family & friends, having a beer with friends, listening to live music, hanging at home in my pj's, trying new things, growing old, coffee shops, being weird and giving.


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Hi, I’m Alianne! Ali, for short. Once upon a time, I told myself that “growing up” meant having to be tethered to a classic, 9-5 job. I thought my creativity and love of art and design couldn’t extend past hobbies. Then, one day, someone close to me asked me the question that changed the course of my life. “Have you ever considered working in events?” Since then, my love of design, keen attention to detail and ability to appear to be in two places at once, have propelled me further into this career that I put my heart into—one event at a time. When I’m not involved in the behind-the-scenes of a wedding, I’m counting down the days until my next music festival. I’m a fitness guru, advocate of Asian cuisine, and a cortadito lightweight. When I’m not dancing to my intricately curated Spotify playlists, I’m professionally photographing my dachshund with my iPhone 8+. 



Hello, my name is Carolina Ossa, but you can call me Chiqui. I’ve always been a creative person, influenced by art, design, fashion and planning! I find that I’m at my happiest when transforming ideas into reality, and love projects that allow me to be as hands on as possible. I own a small business myself, creating macrame pieces, from plant hangers to wall hangings and everything in between! I might look 16, but I’m actually 30, my favorite color is yellow, my drink of choice is rosé, I’m an avid binge watcher, and very much obsessed with dogs, especially my own 2 fur babies : Epi and Bronco.